The 10th KIR: BaSE Lab_New Consensus Algorithm for Blockchain Scalability


KLAY Funding

  • Proposed: KLAY worth USD 328,444


Brief Introduction of the Project

This project will conduct with members of Sogang Uinversity’s Intelligent Blockchain
Research Center(IBRC), Which is Continuously research blockcahin technology from 2017
to 2021. We propose this project to overcome limitations of 1) More nodes participate in
consensus can reduce the scalability, 2) Limitation of a fixed number of consensus nodes.

A technology ‘A coordination technique for improving the scalability of byzantine faulttolerant consensus’ owned by Sogang University’s Intelligent Blockchain Research Center
is what we are trying to apply to the Klaytn network to improve the IBFT consensus
algorithm used by Klaytn.
The project will be carried out in two stages:

  1. Apply coordination technique to Klaytn
  2. Draw limitations from applied coordination
    technique and improvement.

Through this project, we can expect to gain a technical edge in the blockchain market by
having its own Klaytn consensus algorithm and to give a new stimulus to the blockchain
ecosystem through a new type of BFT-based consensus algorithm.

Key Deliverables

  1. Klaytn Environment Analysis Report
    • State the modifications for novel consensus algorithm applied to Klaytn and
      design application plans
  2. User Guide Report of Consensus Algorithm
    • Describe how to apply consensus algorithm to Klaytn
    • Create an API document for using a consensus algorithm
  3. Limitation and Improvement Report
    • Submit to journal in form of thesis
  4. TPS Measurement Report
    • Request for speed measurement and evaluation of applied consensus algorithm
      to an evaluation agency

1st KLAY funding is done (21.09.08) :slight_smile:
Please check the funding and reply this.

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Hello, we checked that completely received 40,881 KLAY for project funding. (If this info is sensitive to public, please let us know to delete it.)

And we are wondering if we have any question on development process, can we contact with Klaytn developers through KIR forum? Or is there any other platform to ask something directly?

Please let us know when you are free, thank you!

@baselab Hello, Thanks for a quick reply.
If you need online discussion or feedback, please check this developer forum (

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Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: